About Us

Transparent Election Foundation of Afghanistan (TEFA) is one of the largest independent observer foundations in the country, established in order to strengthen and ensure transparency and justice in political and social processes and expansion of mutual relation among public and government, based on democratic values and principles. TEFA has effectively observed and evaluated the election processes in 2009, 2010 and 2014 in the country and played a significant role in support of women’s right, strengthening the effective role of the civil society organizations in the field of social affairs, electoral reforms, advocacy and professional and impartial monitoring from all stages of elections. TEFA is a member of the large Network of 43 civil society organizations and has been a member of international Networks like GENDEM, HWPL and ANFREL. Internationally, it has monitored elections in more than seven countries and has accumulated valuable experience in the field of election observation and evaluation. TEFA as a leading organization participated in international conferences in London and Brussels to represent the Afghan Civil Society and to reflect its views in these conferences.

TEFA has made extensive efforts to lobby for key electoral reforms in the country and has evaluated organizational capacity of Election Complaint Commission (ECC) in 2017 and provided suggestions to authorities to improve these structures. Meanwhile, as advocacy efforts for the electoral reform, TEFA has launched several programs, such as working with potential candidates for District Councils and the National Assembly, strengthening the role of the Civil Society in election processes, raising professional capacity of the observer organizations, improving coordination and cooperation among electoral bodies, providing public awareness and increasing women’s participation in political processes. TEFA’s strategic plan mainly focusses on targeted monitoring with a view to enhancing participation of women and civil society organizations in promoting transparency in national processes. One of TEFA’s priority goal is to work for and build on a sustainable democracy through transparent and credible elections and maintaining effective civil society organizations.

Transparent Election Foundation of Afghanistan has long-term provincial coordinators in 34 provinces of the country, along with a wide-ranging partnership with Afghan civil society organizations in provincial level which has provided a great chance of experience and knowledge sharing among its members. Meanwhile, TEFA has always encouraged civil society organizations to participate actively in national processes and has worked to bring about a close and meaningful relationship between the government, civil society and the Afghan people, overcoming the gap (either formed or under development) between the majority of the Afghan population living in remote areas and the Government of Afghanistan. TEFA has also been supporting and encouraging the civil society organizations to reduce their reliance on international assistance and focus on developing new methods to promote culture of volunteer work.

TEFA as a prominent oversight body in the country has played an active and influential role since its establishment in the political and social spheres of the country. It took active and legal based position towards national events and earned remarkable credit and trust as an independent foundation among the Afghan Nation.