Vision & Mission


TEFA’s vision as monitoring organization in coming five years expecting free and fear elections but this won’t be possible with obligatory changes in IEC management structure and over all process so for this purpose TEFA will try to increase level of coordination with other domestic groups as well as with government officials, IEC, IECC and justice sectors plus implementation of national provisions, electoral law and international standards will be TEFA’s other target during this period.

In the next five years, TEFA envisions an increase in the level of coordination with all stakeholders including of domestic groups as well as with IEC, ECC and Judicial Department on implementation of national provisions, electoral law and international standards. Besides, TEFA is intended to cover almost 95% of polling centers to be observed by TEFA in the next five years.




TEFA is having the following missions and objectives in coming five years:

  • Election monitoring.
  • Electoral reforms.
  • Transparency and coverage of elections by hiring observers in all 34 provinces.
  • Increment number of female participants in coming elections.
  • Civic educations by conducting trainings, seminars and discussion forums.
  • Voters’ list development and formation by conducting discussion forum, collecting opinions and choosing solutions for voters’ list development.
  • Improvement and reformation in IEC and IECC’s structure by conducting coordination meetings with domestic groups, government relevant officials and justice sectors.
  • Voting system reform. For instance: replacing the single non-transferable vote (SNTV) system to mix system, which encourage both single and party candidate in coordination with IEC and IECC.
  • TEFA primarily aims to monitor transparency of elections, particularly advocating for the increase of women’s participation, civic education, and voter list.