Areas of Interest

  1. Women: Given the male-dominated context of Afghanistan, and the high extent to which women are deprived of their political and societal rights, TEFA from the very day of its establishment till now has made it sure to leave no stone unturned when it comes to tackling and mitigating gender disparities in the society. So far, TEFA has initiated several result-based projects for championing women’s rights at all societal levels and to spread awareness among citizens of all socioeconomic status on supporting and promoting women’s political and societal rights.
  2. Civil Society: For bringing forth and cherishing a long-lasting relationship among the Afghan government, CSOs and the Afghan people which will remove the gap between them, TEFA has made extensive endeavors in persuading Afghan Civil Society Organizations to participate in national processes  and to secure their position as a substantial societal element. On top of that, TEFA has also contributed to make the Civil Society Organizations autonomous and independent of international assistance and has aided them in introducing new and innovative methods to promote culture of volunteer work.
  3. Youth: Transparent Election Foundation of Afghanistan is a youth-driven organization where 65% of its human capital is composed of young and committed individuals who are constantly working for consolidating Afghan democracy. TEFA has always endeavored to engage youth in all its projects in order to provide them with leverage in political and societal processes of Afghanistan.
  4. PWD: Transparent Election Foundation of Afghanistan has a distinguished view of People with disabilities, and so considers them “People with Different Capabilities.” With such perception, TEFA consistently endeavors to cooperates with People with Different Capabilities and to engage them in its project when required, as recently during the 2018 Parliamentary Elections, TEFA had close cooperation and coordination with Community Center for the Disabled (CCD) and Afghanistan Blinds Management (ABM) in fulfilling its elections observation mission, where by a certain portion of TEFA’s press statement which was disseminated in Kabul Conference attributes to the Findings provided by CCD.