Who We Are

Transparent Elections Foundation of Afghanistan (TEFA), one of the most eminent, prestigious, and goal-oriented oversight body in the country, founded to achieve the momentous objective of strengthening and ensuring ever-growing transparency, fairness and un-biasedness in political and societal proceedings of Afghanistan and to heighten the level of cohesion among public and the Afghan Government by upholding democratic values and principles. As a proactive independent observer foundation, TEFA has widely and effectively overseen and evaluated the electoral processes in the midst of 2009, 2010, and 2014 in the country and has played a substantial role in championing women’s rights, consolidating the effective role of Civil Society Organizations in terms of social affairs, electoral reforms, advocacy, and professional and objective monitoring and supervision from all phases of elections.

TEFA is a proud member of a prominent network of 43 CSOs, in addition to holding active membership of 3 of the largest most reputable international networks encompassing GENDEM, HWPL, and ANFREL. For describing TEFA from an international standpoint and to showcase its broad understanding of election observations, it is noteworthy to state that TEFA has visited more than seven countries as an observer foundation and has actively monitored their elections, cultivating rich experience in the field of election observation and evaluation. Moreover, TEFA as a prominent and leading observer foundation has participated in two main international conferences in London and Brussels as the chosen delegate to represent the Afghan Civil Society and reflect its views and inputs.

TEFA amidst its professional years has made wide and extensive endeavors to lobby and speechify for key electoral reforms and amendments in the country and has measured the innate organizational capacity of Electoral Complaint Commission (ECC) in the year 2017 and accordingly provided the commission’s authorities with its lucrative suggestions to improve the concerned commission’s organizational structure. As part of the advocacy efforts for the electoral reforms, TEFA initiated numerous training and capacity building programs, such as equipping the potential candidates with the knowledge, skills and abilities required for District Councils and National Assembly, strengthening the role of Civil Societies in electoral processes, elevating task-related capacity of observer organizations for achieving optimum results, consolidating cooperation and coordination among electoral bodies, providing public awareness and promoting women’s participation in political processes. TEFA’s strategic plan mainly accentuates on achieving result-driven monitoring with a vision to promote women and Civil Societies’ participation in contributing to transparency and fairness in national processes. One of TEFA’s primary goals is to develop and thrive for a sustainable democracy through transparent, credible and unbiased elections and to empower and maintain effectual Civil Society Organizations.

For observing the electoral processes on a national scale, Transparent Election Foundation of Afghanistan has established an everlasting connection with its long-term, reliable and competent coordinators in all 34 provinces of Afghanistan, alongside a wide-ranging partnership with Afghan Civil Society Organizations in provincial level which has provided the members of both involved parties with the platform to exchange thoughts and ideas with each other.

For bringing forth and cherishing a long-lasting relationship among the Afghan government, CSOs, and the Afghan people to eradicate the gap between them, TEFA has made extensive endeavors in persuading Afghan Civil Society Organizations to participate in national processes and to secure their position as a substantial societal element. On top of that, TEFA has also contributed to making the Civil Society Organizations autonomous and independent of international assistance and has aided them in introducing new and innovative methods to promote a culture of volunteer work.

Thus far, TEFA has persistently been committed to its vision and has adapted to key and influential roles in different political and social spheres of the country, which awarded it with commendable and credible status as an independent oversight body among the Afghan nation, and commits with thorough devotion to continue doing so for years to come.