Given the male-dominant context of Afghanistan, and the high extent to which women are deprived of their political and societal rights, TEFA from the very day of its establishment till now has made it sure to leave no stone unturned when it comes to tackling and mitigating gender disparities in the society.  So far, TEFA has initiated several result-based projects for championing women’s rights at all societal levels and to spread awareness among citizens of all socioeconomic status on supporting and promoting women’s political and societal rights.

Because youth are widely recognized as cornerstone to societal developments therefore, Transparent Election Foundation of Afghanistan is a youth-driven organization where 65% of its human capital is composed of young and committed individuals who are constantly working for consolidating Afghan democracy.

Youth British Parliamentary Debate – Peace and Election
Transparent Election Foundation of Afghanistan held a debate among adroit youth who converged on a shared platform from different provinces of Afghanistan to discuss a much pressing topic, peace and election, which was telecast by Ariana News International.
The debate was adapted to the British Parliamentary style of debating, an initiative groundbreaking in Afghanistan.
Transparent Election Foundation of Afghanistan takes is proud to launch such an important initiative among youth and pledges to build on it in the period
Kabul’s dialogue between young women forum members and government officials was held in TEFA’s head office hosting officials from the Afghan parliament, presidential palace, and the Independent Human Rights Commission to dissect some of the most concerning and pressing challenges and problems ahead of women’s political engagement. The dialogue concluded with recommendation on how women’s political challenges could be addressed. 

TEFA’s leadership held a consultation meeting with Afghan political parties’ representatives to discuss its upcoming activity for providing training to female members of their parties in 4 major zones of Afghanistan. The delegates acknowledged TEFA for such a timely project and expressed their interest for having such an important project implemented in all 34 provinces of Afghanistan. 

Transparent Election Foundation of Afghanistan recognized and acknowledged 10 hard-working and renowned youth as the 2019 youth of the year for their tireless hard-work, devotion and commitment as civil reformers, through a transparent selection process.
Youth form over 68% of our society, and if they play their role as they should, they can be the key contributors to social and economic developments. 
Transparent Election Foundation of Afghanistan on December.24th.2019, held a consultation session with the forum members in all the 4 targeted provinces to discuss the topics they want to advocate for during the dialogues with the government officials, to select their speaker as panel members for the dialogues, eventually creating a clear guideline for them to follow throughout the dialogues. TEFA acknowledges these young women’s efforts and their determination for being utterly committed to manifesting women’s true value in Afghanistan, and to leverage their power for the better.
On October.15th.2019, Transparent Election Foundation of Afghanistan organized an unprecedented and exceptional event under the title of “Conference on TEFA’s observation findings from the role of Afghan National Police (ANP) in the 2019 Presidential Election and acknowledging their efforts” to have Afghan security forces’ endeavors for ensuring citizens’ safety in the 2019 election exposed to the general public.
The underlying purpose of this conference was to acknowledge Afghan security forces, more concretely Afghan National Police, for their exceptional efforts for ensuring atmosphere of safety for citizens’ to turnout to polls in great masses. The conference was attended by a large number of high profile participants from various groups including Ministry of Interior Affairs (MoIA), Afghan Parliament, Civil Society, Political parties, privately owned companies, and was covered, recorded, and aired live by both domestic and international media outlets.
TEFA’s young women forum members in Nangarhar gather around once again to set their priorities for their upcoming provincial dialogues with government officials with the ambition to increasing their meaningful engagement in Afghanistan’s politics.
These young capable, determined and committed young women are advocating for the rights of women across Afghanistan.
Dialogue discussion between young women forum members and provincial government officials: TEFA held two productive dialogues between young women forum members and provincial government officials in Balkh to support and promote women’s meaningful engagement as leaders and decision makers in key state offices. The dialogue discussions were great opportunities for all the young female participants to know how their roles as leaders can be strengthened, and how government can play an integral part in supporting their constructive engagement in political processes.