Value Added Services

  • TEFA is composed of professional, knowledgeable, competent, and committed individuals who are cognizant of their momentous roles and are consistently endeavoring to fulfill TEFA’s strategic goals. While working for TEFA, none of these individuals are engaged in supporting any political party or coalition disregarding their size and prestige at all times.
  • Transparent Election Foundation of Afghanistan is a youth-driven organization where 65% of its human capital is composed of young and committed individuals who are constantly working for consolidating Afghan democracy. TEFA has always endeavored to engage youth in all its projects in order to provide them with leverage in political and societal processes of Afghanistan.
  • Given the male-dominated context of Afghanistan and the high extent to which women are deprived of their political and societal rights, TEFA from the very day of its establishment till now has made it sure to leave no stone unturned when it comes to tackling and mitigating gender disparities in the society. So far, TEFA has initiated several result-based projects for championing women’s rights at all societal levels and to spread awareness among citizens of all socioeconomic status on supporting and promoting women’s political and societal rights.
  • TEFA strictly observes gender-equality at all managerial layers, and so has institutionalized the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) act of 1972 in order to fully avoid employment discrimination based on gender.
  • TEFA acts as a coordination mechanism to bring together CSOs of all levels from all 34 provinces of Afghanistan into a synergistic platform where ideas are shared, information is imparted, solutions are discussed and teamwork is encouraged.
  • Taking into account what TEFA has done so far and what it intends to do in the future, citizens’ will subconsciously accept TEFA as a firm drive and stimuli which will encourage their informed, proactive and meaningful engagement in all political and social proceedings of Afghanistan.